Client Spotlight: Ms. Pig E. Banks

Ms. Pig E Banks is a sassy savings sidekick that teaches children how to save money.


 The story chronicles the watercolor adventures of Ms. Pig E. Banks who is all about change—change in the piggy bank and change in the way readers, ages 2-10, think about money! Ms. Pig E. Banks puts to rest the notion that money grows on trees and teaches two siblings how to take care of their piggybank by feeding her currency and spending wisely. 

Ajshay James, author of Ms. Pig E. Banks: A Pig's Tale for Little Savers,  teaches kids through her money-saving activities, budget, and Piggy Promise Pledge (companions to the book) how to earn, save and spend money wisely. Ajshay, CPA, MBA, MSBA, SHE-EO of The Pearl Group, and financial education expert and speaker, was motivated to create a fun starting point for parents to engage their children in age-appropriate discussions about money. In a survey by T. Rowe Price, 24% of kids think their parents discourage them from talking about money while 14% of the parents polled actually admit that they do!

From the time their eyes flutter open, children are bombarded with ads enticing them to "buy-buy-buy" and almost never dedicated to the importance of saving. In a society that is driven by instant gratification, Ms. Pig E. Banks teaches children needs-versus-wants and the importance of saving for a rainy day.  Saving money with a piggy bank is the first step to creating healthy savings habits.

     The storybook introduces the piggy bank, the coins and currency that can go inside, and the importance of feeding one’s savings by earning good grades and keeping a tidy room to earn an allowance. Ms. Pig E. Banks is a whimsical story and introduction to financial education for children, told in vibrant and inspiring watercolor hues!

Ajshay James and her sidekick Ms. Pig E. Banks, the mascot, are available for educational workshops, conferences, readings, and appearances. Follow Ms. Pig E. Banks on Twitter and Facebook and the author of this little pig's tale, Ajshay James. Visit to get your copy.