Living On Mission: How Students Land On Purpose

What do you love to do? What do you love so much that you can’t imagine your life without it?!

As a former Lean Startup Organizer, I coached entrepreneurs on how to validate their business ideas or inventions in under 48 hours in order to attract the right angel investors and launch!

But what about life validation?  I wondered if the principles I gained through Lean Startup could be reapplied to help students validate (or invalidate) the paths they plan to take in life?  Could I develop a process that would help improve how students invest in their pursuits? And could the process be accelerated to help students move more efficiently forward in life?

No matter your age or stage of life, you might ask yourself: Will I ever become what I wish to be? Am I pretending?   Sadly, too often we settle for how we look to others instead of developing who we really are at our core. Social media is really a secret hiding place where anyone can project their ideal self while holding back their true identity.

After studying a handful of the best bios in the world--those belonging to philanthropists, advocates for the developing world, artists, and spiritual leaders--I uncovered five common denominators of a life of purpose. I discovered that these common denominators could provide a pathway for anyone to not only land on their purpose, but also state it clearly and live out their mission with meaning.  

What made these people successful? They didn't name-drop or show off grand achievements.  Their bios weren't long.  They didn’t jam in every possible fact of their life to prove themselves worthy.  Here's what they did: in a nutshell, they expressed the “how”, “why” and what” of their pursuits! Everything mentioned was steeped, like a good cup of tea, in purpose! These folks’ lives were missional. That’s the secret.


 In the beginning, you must assess:

The How - How do you see the world around you?

The Why - Why do you think and feel the way you do?

The What - What are you doing about it?

I had an opportunity to share my strategies with an elective class at a private high school.

Starting with step 1, each student wrote down the 3 things they value most in life.

 So what are your top 3?  Who and/or what do you value?  Where, how and with whom do you spend your time?  Do these match your values?  Knowing your values is a major key in unlocking your mission and practicing your values goes a long way in living out your purpose.

 Imagine if you could filter your daily choices through the funnel of your purpose.  Imagine determining your major in college in light of your life’s mission!  Discover what you're meant to do here on Earth and you won’t have to imagine it.


Inspired by April Peters' Workbook:  Landing On Purpose: 5 Steps to Discover and State Your Passion