Rules of Engagement: 5 Simple Strokes To Make A Splash in Social Media

5 Simple Strokes To Make A Splash in Social Media

  1. Follow interesting people:: Truly engage the individuals and subjects you care most about on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

  2. Create your own content:: Ownership is like real estate. You need to build an online residence that reflects what you do and believe and who you are as an individual/company. This doesn't have to be all-consuming. Just like the myriad of domicile choices--room, apartment, condo, bungalow, house--your options range from the least maintenance to the most maintenance when setting up an online home. Low maintenance options might include a Facebook Page, Pinterest Page, or Tumblr account; Mid maintenance: a Wordpress blog or YouTube Page; High manintenace: a full on Website.  Once you've found your home, build your content--blog posts, videos, photos and photo messages-- that you can share/feed into all your social media accounts. 
  3. Share your perspective:: What's in the news? Discuss current events and link your thoughts back to your website, blog, or cause-related events.
  4. Tag with a purpose:: Use tags/hashtags to connect with people and/or subjects. Whether you're trying to reach an inaccessible CEO or pop culture icon, life has shown that social media goes a long way in closing the celebrity divide. In the words of Ms. Ross, you can virtually "reach out and touch somebody's hand". But when and if you do, the contact you make should be purposeful and efficient. Don't waste anyone's time. Have something authentic, true and worthy to pitch if you're looking to book someone for a unique conference or request someone's presence at a charity event to support an important cause; whatever you have to say, make it worth the tag.
  5. Be responsive:: Respond to direct messages; reply to tweets and comments on Twitter and Facebook. You might even choose to engage users with regularly scheduled social media online events, such as discussions, forums, and Q&A's. More and more people are taking to Twitter to make their opinions about products and services known. Be discerning about how to engage in this discourse (consult with your social media professional), however it might prove beneficial to receive direct feedback. You or your company's interaction can inspire direct action from your client, customer or consumer in the form of support, purchasing power, and more!