“Helping people move their professional lives forward inspired me to develop an effective tool to examine my personal life. Landing On Purpose helped me craft a clear personal mission statement and change the course of my life and decision-making. Now, I’m helping others achieve the same.”


April Peters, Founder

APRIL PETERS is an "artist who uses her past experiences, talent and passion for change.... empowering others to become exceptional”.

~ Monarch Magazine

April is the author of Landing On Purpose, a recommended method to discover what you are meant to do on Earth, make sharper decisions, stay on task, and live a more mission-minded life in 5 simple steps!

April’s brain for branding led her to become Founding Organizer of Lean Startup Machine Newark, and a Founding Member of Women Techmakers North Jersey, Google's global program for women in technology. April's influence led to the conceptualization and branding of Techmakers U, a one-day think-tank conference for techies and tech-makers.

Now, after years training and coaching entrepreneurs in quick idea validation, April is applying 5 simple strategies to help individuals with little time learn how to live with purpose… in no time!